Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser

Download VHPA v3.1.4

System Requirements

Download Installer
This version can be configured in the installer to have either Random Research's dp1, or all 21 cars from Live for Speed, as the default vehicle(s). All cars are installed though so they can be opened regardless of which option is selected.

Download VHPA v3.1.3

Older versions can be obtained from the development log.

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Program Installation Instructions
VHPA is available as an installer made using NSIS.
The first time you run the program, it is worth going to User Preferences (accessible from the Options menu) and customising the program to your liking.

Download VisualBasic 6 Runtime Libraries and Additional Components
User with versions of Windows older than XP may need the Microsoft VB6 Runtime files.

Users of any supported version of Windows may also need the additional VB6 components used by VHPA. Installations instructions are provided in the file additional components readme.txt that is contained within the archive.

Download Additional Official Vehicles
These vehicles are created in partnership with the vehicle manufacturers to ensure maximum accuracy.
Each vehicle is packaged in a zip which contains both the vehicle data file and a base setup to be loaded with the vehicle. Download Additional User-Created Vehicles
These vehicles are created either by myself or other third parties, as such their accuracy may vary: More vehicles will be added here over time.

Additional Vehicle Installation Instructions
Extract the zip, placing the .vd3 file in the VHPA vehicles folder, the .set file in the VHPA setups folder, and the .jpg file in the VHPA images folder.

If you wish to submit a vehicle for inclusion in this list, please email it to me.

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