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Welcome to, the homepage of Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser (or VHPA for short).

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So what exactly does it do?
To sum it up: VHPA simulates the performance and handling of a vehicle and analyses the results. A sentence which really does not convey the quantity and usefulness of the information that VHPA presents.

There are possibly hundreds of questions you could ask about how a vehicle will handle or perform, or how handling and performance would be altered if component 'x' was changed from setting 'a' to setting 'b'. VHPA endeavours to answer as many of those questions as possible, with a useful degree of accuracy.

For more general information, click here. For a complete list of features, click here.

How much does it cost?
Best of all, VHPA is free (for personal and educational use)! That said, please consider for a moment that this program has been created by one man who has spent a huge amount of his personal time creating this application, plus some of his own money to run this website. If you would like to make even a small donation toward these efforts, it would be greatly appreciated and would help to spur the development of updates:

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For users seeking to use this program in a commercial environment, please contact the author to discuss licencing.

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