Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser

Meet the People

The man behind the program
Programs have a nasty habit of not writing themselves, requiring some unfortunate soul to spend some estimated 1000 hours researching, learning, designing, programming, testing, bug-fixing and documenting this piece of work, plus creating this website. And that soul is me, Ben Ponsford.

I have no formal training in vehicle mechanics, this project has been born out of interest in my part, no doubt my A Level in Physics has been helpful understanding things, plus my computing degree where I learnt the basics of programming has obviously proved essential.

I have also created another website which covers my work not directly related to VHPA. Visit

The contributors
While the entire project is my own work, I won't deny that I haven't received a little help on occasion. Recognised here are the people that, in their own way, have helped:

Also thanks to everyone in the Live for Speed community who has made use of this program, given feedback or reported bugs.

The translators
Among my many talents, speaking a multitude of a languages is noticeably absent. So here I give thanks to everyone that has helped write translations for this program:
Translator 1 (Language 1), Translator 2 (Language 2)

Note the current version of VHPA is not translatable so there are no translators at present.

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