Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser


Analyse deceleration
  • Minimise braking distances
  • Export a full variable dump for the entire deceleration run to CSV for further analysis is external programs
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Analyse springs (and anti-roll bars)
  • Adjust springs for the desired natural frequencies
  • Optimise roll stiffness at each end of the vehicle and the subsuequent roll balance for basic understeer/oversteer
  • Adjust roll and pitch angles under load
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Analyse dampers
  • Optimise for comfort/response over bumps
  • Optimise for corner transient effects on roll balance
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Analyse steering
  • Optimise static camber, caster and inclination angles for optimum camber angles under load
  • View effects of static toe and Ackermann steering system
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Analyse drive-train
  • View optimal shifts points and the corresponding vehicle speed at each shift, using the current gear ratios and the engine torque curve
  • Optimise gear ratio spacing
  • Easily visualise which parts of the torque curves are used during acceleration
  • View some basic differential information
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Analyse tyres
  • View vertical deformation with load and approximated contact patch area and shape
  • Maximise tyre traction and optimise front/rear balance for basic understeer/oversteer
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Analyse aerodynamics
  • View vehicle theoretical top speed (given perfect gearing)
  • Optimise aero balance and traction balance shift with speed
  • View drag and lift forces created by each aero component, the total forces acting on the vehicle and how they are applied to each wheel
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Analyse acceleration
  • Find time and distance to certain common speeds (e.g. 0-60)
  • Find time and speed to certain common distances (e.g. quarter mile)
  • Find time spent in each gear
  • Find peak acceleration and at what speeds traction limits acceleration
  • Export a full variable dump for the entire acceleration run to CSV for further analysis is external programs
  • Watch acceleration in real time and compare up to 2 different runs, even in different vehicles
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This program is by no means perfect and makes no claims to be. Thankfully it is not a finished product either, so these limitations will hopefully all be resolved in future versions*.
Knowing the limitations of the program is helpful in determining how accurate the information is for the vehicle being analysed. *Note: there is no set time-scale for future versions or any commitment that future versions will even be released.

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