Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser

Gathering Data

Any simulation is only as accurate as the data it is fed!
This page describes how to obtain usefully accurate data for a vehicle.

Gathering the data necessary to accurately simulate a vehicle is certainly not a quick, nor easy task; while some figures can be easily researched or measured in minutes, some of the methods described require substantial effort for the sake of a single figure.
There are several websites dedicated to storing some of the figures required by VHPA for production cars. These sites, which can be accessed from the Links menu in the program, coupled with some quality time with your trusty search engine, can go some way to helping you collect the bulk of the numbers.

Some measurement procedures for values required for analysis in VHPA may require the vehicle to be supported off the floor or partially disassembled. I am not responsible for any injuries that may be the result of such activities, nor your inability to put your car back together correctly.
To summarise; do not do anything unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Seeking advice of a trained mechanic, where appropriate, is well worth considering.

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