Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to any questions not listed here, please either email me or, if you are a LFS forum member, leave a post in this thread.

Error "Component 'filename' or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"
You require the additional VB6 controls, available from the downloads page.
Make sure you read and follow the instructions included in the archive.

Error "The module was loaded, but has an error on calling DllRegisterServer (error code 0x8002801c)"
If you see this error, then you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have User Account Contral (UAC) enabled (this is on by default). UAC prevents the registry entries requried for the ocx libraries that VHPA uses from being correctly registered. You need to either run the batch files from the achive, as linked to above, using the "Run as Administrator" command (even if you only have one account on your machine, and it has administrator privedges, this will not suffice), or you need to turn off UAC.

How can I edit the cars in Live for Speed?
You cannot. VHPA is vehicle and setup analysis tool and, conveniently for LFS users, natively works with the LFS setup format. Any changes you make to cars in VHPA cannot be reflected in Live for Speed. If you wish to edit the attributes of cars in LFS, please look for one of the numerous applications that go under the name LFS Tweak.

Program does not behave as expected when working with Live for Speed
Go to User Preferences, Misc tab, and tick the box next to "Enable Live for Speed Compatibility Mode".

How can I convert vehicles from an older version to a current version?
Due to the nature of the vehicle file format updates (additional information), vehicles cannot be automatically updated to the latest format. The easiest way is to copy the existing values from the text boxes in the version of VHPA in which the were created into the match text boxes in the current version, and then add in the additional required information. There may be a feature to do this automatically at some point in the future.

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